Teeth Whitening


LA Smile professional, a revolutionary new teeth whitening treatment that has been specifically designed to work on improving and further enhancing the appearance of your smile.


How does the treatment work?

Following a thorough consultation with your LA Smile Professional therapist you are ready for your treatment. Your therapist will make you comfortable and prepare you for your treatment, a small amount of whitening gel is then applied to the teeth. A laser light is then positioned over the treatment area - this light source allows the whitening gel to decompose and penetrate the enamel quickly and deeply.
The Procedure takes approximately 10 minutes and results are visible after just one session.


Does teeth whitening really work?

The surface of teeth contain millions of microscopic pores and over time, organic compounds from food, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and tobacco etc., settle into these pores and cause discolouration of the tooth enamel.
Almost all natural teeth respond to the process, however, there are some individuals' teeth that take longer than others to whiten, such as those with tetracycline antibiotic staining. Results are instant and you can acheive up to 10 shades lighter!


How does the whitening gel actually whiten teeth?

The main ingredient in the LA Smile teeth whitening treatment is Chlorine Dioxide which penetrates the enamel and almost all types of stains are lifted out of the porous enamel. Results of testing and measured results are indisputable.
In short, the whitening gel is activated by the moisture (saliva) within the mouth and it is in this activated state that it releases the oxygen to the teeth and the whitening process begins. The laser light speeds up the whitening process.


Does teeth whitening work on veneers, crowns, bridges or fillings?

The teeth whitening system will not whiten crowns, veneers, bridges or fillings however, they will clean them to their original colour. It is important to note that the users own teeth may become whiter than the colour of their veneers; crowns, bridges, fillings and these may need replacing.


Will teeth whitening damage the enamel of the teeth?

Research continues with regard to teeth whitening products and procedures however, research data shows there is no risk to the enamel of the teeth other than the advised 24-48 hours temporary sensitivity.


Will teeth whitening damage the soft tissue (gums)?

People with periodontal disease (gum disease) or excessive caries (cavities) should be treated prior to using any form of teeth whitening. The active ingredient in the gel itself is safe but if prolonged sensitivity to the gums does occur for more that 24-48 hours - it normally indicates an existing problem not normally associated with the whitening product but with the dental or oral hygiene of the person using the product. In such cases the client should consult their dentist.


How long will the results last?

This depends on the system that is used. The "laser" procedure will stay noticeably whiter for 18-24 months however, periodic touch ups i.e. one ten minute "laser" treatment usually every 6-12 months should be performed to keep the smile at its brightest. It should be noted that each client's combination of age, diet, tooth structure and oral hygiene would influence the long-term results.


Who can benefit from teeth whitening?

Almost anyone over the age of 16 who have their own natural teeth and desiring a more confident smile will benefit from teeth whitening. However, nursing mothers and pregnant clients should consult their doctor before using any teeth-whitening product.